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Quality, long-lasting traditional wooden toys

Welcome to The Wooden Toy Company - the UK's #1 wooden toy store, selling the best branded traditional wooden toys.

Wooden toys are a great alternative to plastic toys - they are longer-lasting and make the perfect gift idea for young children. If you are considering buying a wooden toy, there are many reasons to do so:

Safer alternatives for children

Wood is a biodegradable and recyclable raw material. Therefore, wooden toys are made from sustainable green material, making them much safer than their counterpart - plastic. On the other hand, plastic is non-recyclable and a major cause of widespread pollution. So, from an environmental standpoint - wooden toys are great.

Wood is a natural material, meaning there are no threats of additives and pollutants. Wood can also be coloured with non-toxic water-based paints, providing an aesthetic look to the toys. Since kids have a natural tendency to use their mouth to explore the world, the non-toxic water base colours are safe. Plastic consists of toxic additives, including lead, PVC, BPA, and phthalates, so buying wooden toys for your children will free your mind from any health issues and risks.

Aids in learning and child's development

Have you ever thought about how wooden toys can improve your child's cognitive, analytical, and reasoning abilities?

Wooden toys play a pivotal role in engaging the child's senses during playtime. While the other toy products are equipped with lights, noises, bells, and screens, a wooden toy possesses a simpler structure - perfect for improving hand eye coordination. Therefore, wooden toys don't overstimulate your child's brain. They are presented without any instruction manual, and your child is left to play with them alone. As they start to work on their own, their sensory perceptions work together to produce an output from their potential.

Wooden toys like educational puzzles, arts, doll houses, and "pretend play" provide a platform for children to exhibit their potential. Pretend play games involve role plays, such as chefs, drivers, and cooks. Wooden toys will ensure that your child develops their personality while enjoying their fun time.

Wooden toys can be passed to future generations

Wooden toys are durable and will not break easily. They should last for years and can be passed to future generations. Other toys such as plastic are fragile and can break upon a single impact. Moreover, the small pieces and shrapnel edges of these broken plastic toys can be sharp and dangerous. Small children can even mistake the broken pieces for food. Wooden toys are strong and durable.

Our wooden toy shop categories - you name it, we have it

The Wooden Toy Company takes pride in having a wide range of wooden toys to choose from, and we continue to grow, extending our product ranges and brands.

Baby and Toddler

Within this category, we have several engaging wooden toys for kids. From educational puzzles to stacking toys to ride ons / walkers, we have it all. All these toys are relevant in supporting your child's self-development and increasing their cognitive abilities.

We stock the best wooden baby toys from several exceptional brands. Check out all your wooden toys for babies and toddlers, and browse by age: 12 months +, 18 months, 2 years +, and 3 years +.

Dolls houses

A little ones toy collection wouldn't be complete without a doll house set and the necessary furniture accessories. At The Wooden Toy Company, we have doll houses and related sets ranging from nursing, drawing rooms, and bedrooms. All of them are manufactured from sustainable rubberwood.

Imagination and roleplay

If you want your child to learn while having fun, imaginative play and roleplay toys are great. Here are some of the wooden toy collections that will ignite the sensory receptors of your child:

  • - Play kitchens and cooking toys
  • - Roleplays
  • - Pretend play
  • - Shop and market play

These categories include toys that involve the child carrying out a role. For example, kitchen and cooking toys enable kids to play as chefs or waiters. Similarly, shop and market play include wooden toys, which have roles of a connoisseur, market vendors, and retailers. Furthermore, we have other toys such as pirate ships, castles, farms & animals, which aim to increase creativity in your child.

Trains and cars

Another one of our popular categories includes train sets and ride-on cars from top brands like Vilac and Le Toy Van. All of them are made from sustainable materials, ensuring that they will last for an extended time.

Construction toys

If your child has a habit of going into your toolbox, these wooden toys are perfect for him/her. We have wooden toolboxes, tool belts, and construction trucks. These wooden construction toys will increase creativity in your kids about buildings and structures, impacting their learning.

Traditional toys

We offer numerous traditional wooden toys, and more, including cars & garages, and play mats, so please enjoy browsing our online wooden toy store.

Shop conveniently at The Wooden Toy Company

Our online e-commerce store provides numerous wooden toy products to facilitate your child's playing experience. As mentioned earlier, we have wooden toys of all kinds. Whatever you have in mind, we'll try to get it to you. Moreover, all our wooden toys are of from quality brands, including:

  • Le Toy Van: A family business around 25 years old, Le Toy Van started with doll houses but have expanded their product lines to educational puzzles, stackers / stacking toys, and train sets. Le Toy Van is also a great advocate for sustainable wooden toys sourced from sustainable rubberwood and involves ethical production methods.
  • Jabadabado: A Swedish-based company that started operating in 1993. They have a range of wooden toys, including horse trailers and activity wagons made from pure wood. Plus, the company meets the highest quality standard, and the products are free from PVC or BPA, which are plastic additives.
  • Pellianni: Is another Swedish company manufacturing wooden products for kids that aim at providing fun and comfort. The products are safe because they are non-toxic.
  • Classic World: A German brand producing wooden toys for children to increase their intellect, creativity, social skills, and fine motor skills. Their wooden toys range from puzzles, play & learn, pretend play, baby toys, and teepee home plays.
  • Check out our websites "brands" section to find all the latest branded wooden toys that we stock.

    All the toys appear as they are shown in displays. So, you don't need to worry about false products. Furthermore, if you think you need a refund, we have a 30-day refund policy to change your product. You can also reach out to us on our website for any information about the products. Our esteemed customer service team will be with you right away.


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